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Sutton Tamil School

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The Sutton Tamil School brings the Tamil people around the Sutton area together. It’s our large Tamil community. The Tamil school gives lots of opportunities to the children, from dance to music and drama.... It’s a school where everyone is happy and has fun! There are so many festivals we celebrate, in these festivals the children all get to show their talent on the stage in some ways. The school offers classes in miruthangam, barathanitiam, karate, keyboard, violin, vocals, Tamil and in some special occasions there is drama! There are also tuitions for science and maths. We also celebrate religious festivals too! Some of the religious festivals we celebrate are Thai Pongal, Navaratri, Christmas and so much more! We also have activities like sports day or we go on an outing. Children’s achievements are always announced and praised, nothing gets slipped. We have a large circle of people from different backgrounds but the Tamil school brings all of us together. I personally enjoy being part of this Tamil school and I’m sure everyone else does to because we all come back every week. I have met new friends here and I’m enjoying every bit I’m spending here, so doing all the hard work is worth it! We have a canteen, so if you’re hungry all you do is buy something from there! There are so many varieties of activities to get involved in; this is a great opportunity to widen your hobbies. The Tamil school wants all the children to have a fabulous time here, so they provide the best for us, children. The Tamil school also wants other Tamil children to come and join, as you’re always welcome, because there is always space to widen the community.
-Thanusha Navaratnam aged 13.

 (Thanusha Navaratnam aged 13).